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Hiding Your Light

First, man invented fire and at some stage added candles so that he could move the light around. Man wanted more light and invented the oil lamp, then even more light and he invented the gas lamp. Finally came electric light meaning Man could have as much illumination as he wanted until eventually he had… Read More >

30 November 2015

Chelsom – Behind the design

considerations and inspirations influencing lighting product design Sitting in front of a white sheet of paper waiting for the inspiration to design a light fitting might sound as scary as the author sitting there with his ‘writer’s block’. But given the unique role of lighting in hospitality interiors, given the enduring wish that lighting should… Read More >

20 July 2015

Roman’s Investment in Manufacturing

Roman, International market leading shower designer and manufacturer has invested over £250,000 in their production facility over the last 12 months. Roman is constantly developing and quality enhancing their manufacturing processes and this huge investment has added improvements to ensure their efficiency and speed is accurate for the increased volumes of products that are being… Read More >

1 May 2015

The Contract Chair Company – Airport Lounge and Café Furniture

As airports are used by ever more travellers, use of membership lounges and stylish cafés has multiplied. Fierce competition between brands has increased the importance of attracting customers by providing a premium service in a quality environment. Airport based projects tend to be constrained by the limited space available, meaning designers increasingly look towards furniture… Read More >

15 September 2014

Chelsom Expert Guide for Hotel Lighting

Designing hotel lighting……It’s not just about pretty products Designing good lighting for hotels is about more than creating stylish products that are on trend and look the part. It’s about top quality products that provide efficient lighting and enhance the guest experience, whether through multifunctional guestroom lighting or bold public area statement pieces. Lighting really… Read More >

11 September 2014


A REVIEW OF DESIGN SHANGHAI So let’s take the best of British high end Design to China, package it in a European style exhibition and set it in an extraordinary venue with interiors reminiscent of a Moscow subway! This is just what Media 10 achieved with the inaugural Design Shanghai show which closed its doors… Read More >

5 March 2014

Specifying Hospital Furniture

Knightsbridge share their wisdom on Hospital Furniture furniture(fur¦ni|ture) Noun: The movable articles that are used to make a room or building suitable for living or working in, such as tables, chairs or desks. The lexicon ­ in this case Oxford Dictionaries Online ­ makes ‘furniture’ sound so mundane. Yet, as with most aspects of hospital… Read More >

16 September 2013