Trend Board- January 2014

TREND REPORT: MODERN BOHEMIAN FUSION Every month Walker Greenbank Contracts  will bring you latest trends in commercial design, showing what they feel is the flavour of the month. This month’s trend for Harlequin is inspired by the bohemian lifestyle and the big bright bold colours and prints that are associated with it. The mood board below shows… Read More >

28 January 2014

Destroying Lighting Myths

ROBERT CHELSOM TALKS THROUGH SOME OLD LIGHTING MYTHS    Q? Why are people negative about compact fluorescent lamps? A In my opinion it is almost as though compact fluorescent lamps came out 20 years too early in terms of development. What I mean is, there were certain facets of compact fluorescent lamps which didn’t do… Read More >

23 January 2014

Why are left-handed people so brilliant?

 A self-confessed spawn of the devil thinks there’s a lot to be said for his tribe What do Barack Obama, David Cameron and Osama bin Laden have in common? Obvious, isn’t it? What about Prince William, Melinda Messenger and Bart Simpson? No? According to a highly scientific study, they are all more likely to suffer… Read More >

17 January 2014

Graduate: Boris Kovács – Resolve Lamp

Manchester School of Art Graduate Boris Kovács Boris Kovács has been named on the Wallpaper* Graduate Directory 2014 as one of the designers to look out for in the future. To get in the prestigious listing Boris created quite a stunning lamp design, exploring the use of different materials and different techniques to create a… Read More >

8 January 2014

Specifying Hospital Furniture

Knightsbridge share their wisdom on Hospital Furniture furniture(fur¦ni|ture) Noun: The movable articles that are used to make a room or building suitable for living or working in, such as tables, chairs or desks. The lexicon ­ in this case Oxford Dictionaries Online ­ makes ‘furniture’ sound so mundane. Yet, as with most aspects of hospital… Read More >

16 September 2013