CDW 2016 Highlights: Interview with Nigel Sikora, Fabricks/Ocee

We met up with Nigel Sikora who has recently teamed up with BCFA Member Ocee to discuss their latest product launch – Fabricks. A modular acoustics system specifically designed with an open office spaces in mind. Nigel really explains all in the video below… CONTACT OCEE

3 June 2016

The Designer’s Muse – Exploring 3D Printing (teaser)

Design Insider sat down with Mehran Gharleghi, Studio Integrate to discuss through the process of 3D printing, clearing up a few myths on this innovative process. we also take a closer look at Morgan Furniture ‘RIO’ chair.  Check out the short teaser below:   The full video will be published on the 12th April!!  

8 April 2016