Designer’s Muse: Shezad Dawood x Brintons

During Clerkenwell Design Week we caught up with Artist Shezad Dawood who is currently showing at the Venice Biennale and recently collaborated with Brintons Carpets using their innovative HD weave as the canvas and paint brush.

In the short film below Shezad walk us through each of the unique pieces, explaining  about the inspiration behind them…

Shezad how did you find the shift from paintbrush to carpets?

Well, you know it’s interesting because a lot of people have said about, you know, taking something from a sort of painted medium, into this sort of high-tech technology, but in a sense, the technology, apart from being able to do 32 colours and the automation of the looms, hasn’t changed in 200 years. That was kind of quite fascinating, that you’re working actually in this way that feels entirely new and contemporary, but is actually, has a whole historical tradition to it.

What was interesting was, literally, shifting from a painted medium into thinking in terms of a matrix. You have to think through colour very differently, so as somebody obsessed with colour, and very interested in carpets, I still had a lot to learn when we began the process. Really exceeded expectations, whenever you do a creative collaboration like this, it’s always a risk. There’s a bit of a gamble because you don’t know where it’s going and that’s also the exciting thing about it and what the opportunity represents.

I think Emma and I really sort of pushed the possibilities both from my side and from Brintons side. I think some of the way we were able to really fragment my designs and really kind of make full use of both the colour range and the sort of what the pixels can do in terms of creating tonal areas, I think they’re really successful. There’s a depth in them that I didn’t anticipate.

As part of the interview during Clerkenwell we also got to sit down with head of Design at Brintons Emma Cassidy.

So, how did the collaboration come about?

We wanted to collaborate with an artist to really change the way people think about carpets and what you can do with carpet. We have, in the past, we’re a heritage brand, so we really wanted to step out of that kind of … Step into something a little bit more contemporary and show people what we can really do in terms of definition of colour and detail and bringing to life … Working with an artist and translating his form and his media into carpet.

So, why Shezad?

Shezad’s work is very textile based, he uses a lot of fabrics and paint and texture and layers and so his work naturally kind of evolved and was really suited for a textile medium such as carpet. We tried to create the layering and the depth in his work through the use of colour and artwork that you see on the carpets today. It was challenging just to try and still create that depth of the original pieces of work. His work just really naturally lent itself to carpet as well.



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