Great Chieftain

“Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face, Great Chieftain o’ the puddin’-race”.  Now I must say that is no way to talk about Alex Salmond, but once you see the translation of Rabbie Burns’ masterly prose it all becomes clear. “Nice seeing your honest, chubby face, Great Chieftain of the sausage race”.


Yes its Burns night again and no haggis is safe on the hillsides of Scotland, and by now the roundup will be well underway. I can well imagine the excitement in the many hotels, restaurants and establishments celebrating fine food as they spruce up their surroundings. The fine carpets, furniture, curtains and lights as always in good shape, much of this no doubt supplied by quality craftsmen from the BCFA. This does though bring to mind one of the BCFA’s most famous members Mcnaughton Holdings in Perth, and if you happen to be wearing your Kilt this Burns Night the tartan may well have come from their very hands.

You may have been told that diamonds are a girls best friend, but no, the bard has a more sensible  and economic solution. “But, if Ye wish her grateful prayer, gie her a Haggis”


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