HF Contracts delve into their trend forecasts for the year

Now the festive season is over and the New Year has begun, HF Contracts is taking an exploratory look at some of the emerging and continuing trends for 2017.

Old & New

Oasis-Tottenham-Court Road-10 resizeOasis – Tottenham Court Road

HF Contract are not the only ones to notice the rising popularity of Mid-Century and Scandi-inspired furniture being specified for clean contemporary spaces, but the trend shows no sign of stalling.

This is mainly because the two complement each other so well; providing a unique, modern blend of old and new that stands apart from more mainstream designs. The Oasis Salon on Tottenham Court Road picks up on this trend beautifully, giving a modern flare to some classic design styles.

Cozy Tones

Moto Donnington resizeMoto – Donnington

Rustic timber finishes and deep rich colours have always been a winning combination, and HF Contract have been seeing more and more warmer tones coming through in commercial interiors.

They created a similar feel at Moto Donnington. Offering a warm, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, it’s the perfect combination for providing a stylish and inviting environment.

Keeping it minimal

Moo - London resizeMoo – London

The sway towards minimal themes continues its momentum by continuing to introduce new, industrial materials into clean, open spaces.

HF used Concrete cladding, manufactured by LCDA, on this reception desk to create an interesting industrial aesthetic to the fresh workspace. The focus being on the texture of the material rather than the form. This minimal design fits in easily to the open plan, warehouse style office.

Inside Out

Saint Pauls House resizeSaint Paul’s House – Birmingham

Thanks to great technological progress in the world of upholstery fabrics, the line between indoor and outdoor is becoming more and more blurred, with wicker chairs and live plants appearing in restaurants, and fully upholstered lounge seating being used on verandas and in smoking areas.

At Saint Paul’s House HF utilised outdoor ready fabrics from Agua and Sunbury to manufacture this banquette, which continued the look and feel of the indoors out.




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