History of Wallpaper with Archivist Keren Protheroe, SLC

Wallpaper has had an interesting history in British interiors, if you have ever had the joy of developing an old house, peeling back generations of different styles of wallpaper you would of seen there is an extensive range of different styles and trends that have dominated our walls, from the stunning Morris prints that graced our walls in the 1900’s or to post modern geometric shapes that were all rage back in the 70 ‘s and 80’s.

In the contract market we are seeing more and more wallpaper being used in guest rooms, hotel lobbies and restaurants, with big bold patterns coming back into trend. So, we thought, no better time to create a video exploring the history of wallpaper.

We teamed up with an expert in this field, Keren Protheroe, Archivist at Style Library Contract, who looks after Style Library huge collection of William Morris and Zofffany prints. Keren takes us on tour through the history of wallpaper in Britain and through the evolving processes in its manufacturing, from block printing to modern day digital printing.

Watch the full film below:

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