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Product Watch: Artistic Liberties by Milliken

Milliken takes Artistic Liberties with a bold new collection inspired by street art and the punk revival Artistic Liberties is a daring new collection from the Milliken in-house design team. It combines post-punk and street art influences with historic and classical references resulting in a liberation of clashing colours and twisted timelines. Artistic Liberties makes… Read More >

2 June 2016

The Big Question: Transition – What is causing it?

Design Insider went out to the BCFA Members to see what their experience and thoughts are on the crossover of design between different market sectors. Here is what they said: Protocol on Hospitality and Healthcare “We have always worked a lot with the hospitality/hotel sector. One of the current trends is to expand the use of hotel… Read More >

11 March 2016

Trend Board March 2015: Zoffany

Created specifically for this market, Cascade Weaves in Trevira CS and Cascade Wallpapers are exquisitely elegant with high performing values, thus ensuring the standards of safety required in the contract arena, whilst creating beautiful home from home environments at the highest level. The Trevira yarns are woven using traditional silk looms to create fabulously luxurious… Read More >

30 March 2015

Designs by Mother Nature – Biomimetic Products

27th February – 24th May 2014 Roca Gallery What is biomimicry? Derived from the Greek word bios meaning ‘life’ and mimisis, meaning biomimicry refers to the copying, emulating and imitating of nature in all its forms and functions. Dedicating an exhibition to highlight the many everyday products, objects and buildings that have used nature as… Read More >

28 January 2014