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Nya Nordiska is a leading name in fabric design, and their innovation has gained them many awards over the years. In this weeks Designer Q&A we were lucky enough to speak with not one, not two but three of the Design Team to talk about their creativity and what they will be showing at the upcoming BCFA OPEN SPRING DESIGN…Nya Nordiska Design Team resize bnw

From left to right we have Silvia Riegger, Carmen Wanja and Tina Theel

During the BCFA OPEN we are going to be hosting a seminar to discuss ‘Creativity’, in your opinion how does creativity impact your work and why is it important?

For us as textile designers creativity has a big and important impact in our work. We create a new collection every year, what means that we want to create every year something new, that you have not seen before somewhere else. That is what we and our customers expect. As you have many nice fabrics in the market you need to be creative to think of ideas that make your collection special. For interior textiles you have to create fabrics that are not only good looking but also good in performance for everyday use.

I think that creativity is important so that new exciting products will be invented. You need to think “creative” to get these new ideas and explore new paths.Metropolitan resize

What is the most challenging aspect of designing a new product?

I would say the most challenging part of our work is the balancing act between creating interesting and new things which are usable and full fill all the requirements (martindales, fireproof). The textiles have to be trendy and should be at the same time long-lasting over 5 years approximately.

We also have to think 1 year in advance, and have to discover the trends for tomorrow.Ashley resize

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest designs that Nya Nordiska will be exhibiting at the BCFA OPEN SPRING DESIGN?

For our new collection “Streifzüge” (A poetically inspired title with no English equivalent serves as a succinct heading for Nya Nordiska’s spring collection: “Streifzüge” is the theme of the collection – a play on the words combining “stripes” and “explorations”.) The creative concept part of the collection was inspired by the daily Citylife –  you go through the streets, meet different people, have a look in the windows of the shops and displays, everything is moving… the article “Piccadilly” is vital like the main place in London with it’s multicolor impression on a transparent fabric.Piccadilly resizeFor “Luxury Life” we were thinking about having a glamorous evening, going to the concert or to the opera. The intention was to be glamorous, luxurious and sophisticated at the same time. For example Ashley the textile key to enchanted gardens. This opulent furnishing fabric spreads shiny foliage motifs with an almost photorealistic feel onto its diffuse background or Metropolitan the attractive combination of linen woven and metallic shine is a modern reinterpretation of Art Deco. Our article “AVA” is a traditional lace technique which we wanted to bring it in a contemporary context. So we created this geometrical pattern for this fabric.Ava resizeFor “pure perfection” we’ve chosen the best inspiration pool you can find –  nature.  In line with the motto “balance”,  we wanted to bring some natural, peaceful moments into the living rooms, so you can take a rest after a busy day and relax. So we created “Hanami” – where the pattern reminds on abstracted cherry blossoms or our article “Eriko” – 100% linen with a handmade paper-print on it also our article “Cosy”, which is an upholstery fabric with a knitted impression.

What advice would you give to anybody wanting to get into the interior design industry?

For working in the interior design industry you need to be passionate about design and people. The most important aspect is, that we are creating products that people should love to be surrounded by. It doesn’t matter if you are designing eye catching products or pieces or products for everyday life.smoke resizeYou have to be open minded. On one side, because you work with very interesting people from all over the world. Other creative people but also with manufacturers. On the other side, because as a designer you have to push boundaries all the time and ask the technicians for new developments, to try and try until you get something new and exciting. And of course you need to have a strong feeling for colors, materials and techniques.

In your time working in design, what moment are you most proud of?

It is always exciting when you have the finished collection and see it all decorated for the first time. The moment we are most proud of is, when you see your design selected, among many many other beautiful fabrics, for a nice interior. And when your client is very happy about what you’ve created.Eriko resize

To see these wonderful fabrics for yourself, come along to stand 17 at the BCFA OPEN SPRING DESIGN exhibition. Get your ticket here




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