Sketch Series: Nicolette de Waart, Design by Nico

Design Insider had the fantastic opportunity of attending the judging day at this years Design Guild Mark, which gave the chance to catch up with Nicolette de Waart of Design by Nico, who was presenting her Leaf seat, in which she worked with BCFA Member HF Contracts. We discussed product inspiration but also asked Nicolette to sketch us the concept of the design – here are the results.

Nico - portrait

What was the brief set for LEAF?

The aim for my design was to create a functional and unique piece of furniture, but also to embody its modular shape, but for it to also work as a single shape, but to also create seating arrangements, which stimulate communication and interaction.

I wanted to create a piece of furniture which would be equally well used in the future residential place as public places.

What’s the inspiration behind the shape?

Well, from the shape itself you can tell its nature and I’m inspired a lot by graphic patterns. This fascinates me, how they interact with each other.

Also, my years in Singapore brought out my inspiration. The lack of seasons made me think how nice it would be to create a bit of outdoors indoors.

Sketch - Nico

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 13.46.31

Nicolette showing us the many possible configurations that can be achieved with the Leaf seat

Nico - sketch 1


You can see our full highlights of Design Guild Mark here 





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