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Working to live, living to work

Office design is changing fast as the boundaries between home and work life become increasingly blurred   Driven by technological advances our lifestyles today directly relate to the way we occupy and utilise spaces and buildings like never before, as we constantly move from one piece of technology to another as we go about our working lives. Against this backdrop the furniture industry has… Read More >

8 April 2016

Roman Showers – An Inside Job

Roman, International market leading shower designer and manufacturer, has launched a brand new Lumin8 Inswing Door. Roman’s Lumin8 Inswing Door Shower Enclosure has been launched this autumn, and is the perfect solution to create a large showering area with limited space. It is available in a range of different sizes so can be used in… Read More >

11 September 2015

Print Your Own House

This is quite inspirational and certainly creative but is it really cost effective. Like most innovation there is a period of commercialisation that follows. But where will it end? They are considering 3D printing food for soldiers on the battle front. The Black Watch (now Royal Regiment of Scotland) would have something to say about… Read More >

6 August 2014