The Creative Space: Danielle Duggleby, Design Director at United Design Partnership

United Design Partnership is an award-winning creative consultancy based in London. United research, draw, specify, model, visualise, film, animate and detail, and we asked their Design Director, Danielle Duggleby about a space that has got her creative juices flowing recently. Daniell Duggleby Image web

Danielle has over 10 years’ experience as an interior designer working for various studios including five years at United. Danielle specialises in high end hospitality and residential projects at United and is currently heading up the teams for the redesign of W Doha, the design of Aykon Nine Elms and the design of an Aparthotel in Moscow. Her involvement on all projects begins with early concept through to detailed design and implementation.

So Danielle, Can you tell us about a space that has inspired you recently and how?

The Asylum Chapel is a real hidden gem in Southwark, London currently ran by Maverick Projects.  Otherwise known as Caroline garden’s chapel, it’s not a hospital of any sort – although the name would give a different impression.

Built sometime in the early 19th Century, it is soaked in history, forming the centre of London’s largest collection of Alms-houses. Originally a home for retired pub landlords, it also prevented elderly people from much worse alternatives. Which is why it is called the Asylum.chapel-8 webAlthough it was bombed in World War 2, the incredible stained glass windows and the carved stone remain. The Chapel was stabilised after the war, but the tenants moved out and The Asylum became derelict. Southwark council took over, turning the Alms-houses into social housing, and renamed it Caroline Gardens. But the Chapel itself still stood largely empty, except for being used as a costume store for artists.chapel-5 webIn 2010 it was taken over by Jo Dennis and Dido Hallett who renamed it the Asylum and currently run Maverick projects.

The Asylum chapel is an amazing back drop for any performance or event. With stained glass windows on both sides. A large foyer which gives it a grand entrance. Large stone tablets adorn the walls. All of the original beauty of the space is always highlighted with events that happen here. You can’t help but walk in and gasp at the surroundings giving you the opportunity to explore your thoughts.chapel-1 webIt now hosts a variety of exhibitions and performances, from musical events to theatre shows and art installations. It’s also used for weddings.

With every aspect of design you always need to begin with a story and the Asylum chapel has a great story to tell. Encouraging you to think deeply.

And in fact I was so inspired by this space I have chosen it as my wedding venue!chapel-4 web

Thank you to Danielle for giving us an insight into some of her inspirations, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding – What a wonderful venue!

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Photos courtesy of Jo Dennis, Founder of Maverick Projects


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