The Creative Space: Kelly Alders, Senior Designer at Amtico

Another Creative Space and another inspiring concrete space to hear about.

Kelly Alders is one of the senior designers at Amtico and we asked her…Portrait-Kelly-Alders-01-May-2016-BW webWhat space has inspired you recently and why?

I’ve been lucky to travel to Korea and Japan over my time in the design industry and on a recent trip I was inspired by the way retail spaces re-purpose materials and architecture to reinvent their original use for new, exciting interior design for retail experiences.COMMES DES GARCONS 8379 V2 webConcrete seemed to feature frequently in these spaces – from poured and polished to the raw crafted look of fascia and fittings that use this eponymous material.

Inspiration came from observing these spaces; how people behaved in them and how brands created something new like a concept store, from existing spaces. Gentle Monster stores are fascinating – they garner interest from passersby and often aren’t what you’d expect from a shopping space.GENTLE MONSTER(hongdae)_18 V2  webConcrete acts as a backdrop, creating a seamless post-industrial flooring foundation for beautiful displays. Whether it’s brutal or ceramic style, there’s a broad spectrum of finishes to work with as a designer or architect.


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