THE CREATIVE SPACE: Maria Swain, Designer at Johnson Tiles

Design Insider spoke with Maria Swain, Designer at Johnson Tiles to discuss a space that really stirs her creativity and to give us an insight into what trends she predicts for the coming year.

Maria Swain

Can you tell us about an interior space that inspires you and why? 

“One particular space that’s recently caught my eye is this residential townhouse in Greenwich, designed and styled by interior design duo, 2 Lovely Gays. I’m a big fan of mixing sophistication with a more casual feel, and with this scheme the simplistic elegance of the bold geometric accessories set against a backdrop of Prismatics tiles in Peacock achieves this perfectly.

The colour use is highly effective – from the pop of deep matt purple to the soft dove grey of the seating, combined with the natural wood, and black and white tones – it’s inspired me to further use accents of colour to create light and individuality.Greenwich-69resizeThe use of tiles across the combined dining and kitchen area creates a connection between the two spaces. And its casual ‘homely’ feel makes it both inviting and welcoming. With blues and greens being key for 2017, this interior space stands out for its vibrancy and longevity.”Greenwich-86resize

Trend predictions for 2017:01resize

Trends for 2017“The environment and returning to our roots is a key trend for 2017. With a new approach to natural materials and our urban surroundings being influential for the future of design, creating a sense of harmony and balance between the two elements is imperative, as we seek new and exciting materials. This will influence our home décor looks and colour palettes in the coming year, providing a contemporary twist for modern day interiors.”

Materials for 2017“We have been working alongside materials technology company, Lucideon, to trial a new low-energy firing technology to produce tiles, with the findings expected to have significant impact on energy use and the economy of the ceramics industry. In 2017 we will also be developing our innovative surface techniques to further create subtle textures, and more realistic, natural finishes.”

Townhouse photos by Megan Taylor.




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