The Creative Space: Richard Osbourne, Photographer for Tektura

BCFA OPEN SPRING DESIGN exhibitors Tektura, have recently collaborated with high-res specialist photographer Richard Osbourne for a new collection of digitally printed murals. Design Insider have managed to grab Richard so he can tell us about an environment that inspires him and how it links with his work being used in the healthcare sector. richard-osbourne-photographer

Richard, Can you tell us about a space that has inspired you recently?

“I’ve been drawn back again and again to photograph one particular area of Thetford Forest not far from my home in Norfolk. This grove of young beech trees, with the odd Scots pine, is breathtakingly beautiful. Every time I visit, no matter what the weather, I am ravished by its beauty! It’s exceptionally well-hidden so it’s unusual to see even a single other person there. The Japanese have an expression ‘Shinrin-yoku’ which means ‘forest bathing’. They regard just being in the forest as healing. Photographing this area of forest has certainly healed me many times and I hope that same healing energy is communicated through my images. The 3 images here are crops from the full-width panoramas and are now available through Tektura.”

Tektura Autumn Forest by Richard Osbourne resize

Richard’s work is used extensively in both healthcare and commercial interiors, as well as leisure and residential projects. His imagery is designed to be seen on walls at large scale, and his panoramic scenes are created using multiple images that are meticulously stitched together – with no repeating elements.

His images include familiar land and seascapes from across the UK, along with the restful woodland and forest scenes he reminisces above.Tektura Copper Forest by Richard Osbourne resizeWhether you are looking to choose an image to fill an entire wall, or crop to create a feature area – whether used as wallcovering or window graphics, the quality is by far the best we have seen and Tektura can resize and print Richard’s images to fit any space.

Tektura will be exhibiting at BCFA OPEN SPRING DESIGN on March 28th & 29th at London’s Truman Brewery, stand 9. Register for tickets hereP3F10 Spring, Thetford Forest



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