The Creative Space: Steven Parkinson, Product Designer at Gresham Office Furniture

Designers find their inspiration all over the world – We carry on our ‘Creative Space’ feature exploring the places that continue to inspire and boost creativity for designers in our community.

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Gresham Office Furniture designs like to challenge the norm when it comes to products used in workplace environments.  Steven Parkinson is one of the product designers for Gresham and in order to push the boundaries with his designs he seeks inspiration from a house built in between volcanic bubbles on the island of Lanzarote.

Steven, can you tell us about this space and why it is inspiring to you? 

For many years the César Manrique Foundation on the island of Lanzarote has been one of my favourite places to visit. After visiting as a child I have returned on a number of occasions with the awe inspiring surroundings never failing to impress and enthuse.Image 4 webThe incredible house, situated within a series of volcanic bubbles is the vision of Manrique himself. An island native and artist, he created what I see as a truly masterful blend of design and nature. Built in the 1960s the structure seamlessly fuses with the surrounding Lava fields, the labyrinth of spaces existing on multiple levels and creating an almost endless number of panoramas. Formed in harmony with nature, the space turns an otherwise barren landscape into something truly magical. 

At its heart the concept relies on something I think is important in any design, the interaction between user, detail and nature. The mix of materials and finishes, twinned with mysterious passageways and an ethereal atmosphere makes the space extremely special and somewhere I will never forget.Cesar-Manrique-c-Alastair-Philip-Wiper-16


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