Tina Davies Childs – Sax House

Tina Davies Childs Limited has over 20 years’ experience designing for the care sector and their latest scheme was Sax House, a retirement home in Letchworth. From designing to installation Tina Davies Childs wanted to completely transform all the communal areas from tired and dull looking to energizing and modern spaces for all residents to enjoy.


They brightened the entrance by lightening the floor, creating a more welcoming environment.



Tina Davies Childs believes tenants should be involved in the design and in the case of Sax House the tenants chose the warm green tones for the living area. By adding a coffee bar and having two types of seating area in one space not only has the room become more functional and comfortable but is now an open and friendly environment for tenants to socialise.

2nd Pic - Sax House Living Area

The guest room has been updated and is now a beautiful place away from home for guests to relax.3rd Pic - Sax House Guest Bedroom

Tina Davies Childs were responsible for all aspects of design from paint and furniture to window dressing and artwork.

4th Pic - Sax House Finishing Touches

Keely Hale from North Hertfordshire Homes says; ‘The building has received some fantastic feedback from staff, visitors and family and, most importantly the residents’


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