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Since its establishment in 1751, Balsan has been a paragon of quality and innovation in the textile industry. Originating as a small wool spinning mill in France, the company has transformed over the centuries into a preeminent manufacturer of premium carpets and textiles, serving a diverse global clientele.

Balsan’s evolution from a modest wool processing operation to a leading carpet manufacturer is a story of enduring craftsmanship and adaptability. Renowned for its superb quality, durability, and creative designs, Balsan offers a broad spectrum of products, including broadloom carpets, carpet tiles, and luxury vinyl tiles. Each product exemplifies the company’s dedication to combining aesthetic appeal with practical functionality.

Innovation is at the heart of Balsan’s operations. The company’s design team is consistently at the forefront of textile design, creating unique patterns, textures, and colors that transform spaces into elegant and dynamic environments. Balsan’s commitment to design excellence ensures that each product is not only visually striking but also meets the highest standards of quality and comfort.

Balsan has a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. The company is recognised for its sustainable practices, including the use of eco-friendly materials and water-efficient manufacturing processes. Balsan’s products adhere to rigorous environmental standards, reflecting the company’s dedication to reducing its ecological footprint and promoting responsible production.

With a vast distribution network spanning continents, Balsan caters to various sectors such as hospitality, corporate offices, residential spaces, and public areas. The company’s global reach is testament to its ability to adapt its offerings to diverse markets and environments, from bustling corporate settings to serene residential interiors.

Balsan is renowned for its customer-focused approach. The company excels in providing personalised solutions, allowing for extensive customization to meet specific design and functional needs. This customer-centric philosophy is reflected in Balsan’s attentive service, technical support, and commitment to aligning products with contemporary trends and individual preferences.

Looking ahead, Balsan continues to uphold its values of innovation, quality, and sustainability. The company is dedicated to advancing its techniques and practices, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of the textile industry. By staying attuned to evolving market demands and customer needs, Balsan is poised to maintain its status as a distinguished name in the global textile market.

Balsan’s long standing success is a testament to its ability to innovate and maintain exceptional quality throughout its history. As Balsan moves forward, it stands as a symbol of excellence in the textile industry, committed to creating products that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible and attuned to the needs of its customers.

Maninder Choda

Head of Hospitality UK & I

75 Farringdon Road

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