northern design web feature

What does Northen Design mean to you?

If you were at the BCFA Northern Dinner event last week then you would have had a sneak preview of this film... We went out to find out what Northern Design meant to some of the best in ... Read More >

2 MAY 2018

vescom corsica feature

Corsica & Capri by Vescom

Vescom's ever expanding portfolio has recently seen the addition of two new transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics: Corsica and Capri. Vescom have their own weaving mill and for these col... Read More >

14 MAY 2018

Milan Design Week Trend Report Feat

Trend Report: Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week is a global watermark event with venues of all kinds, spanning the entire city, opening their doors to showcase and celebrate design. Now in it’s 57th edition, the bigges... Read More >

11 MAY 2018