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Liqui Contracts design and manufacture commercial furniture and lighting for architects and clients engaged in projects around the world. Liqui® Contracts forms part of Liqui® Group Ltd, which was initially started by furniture designer/maker Cameron Fry in 2007 with the aim of establishing a design practice with a multi-disciplined approach. We have become known for creating contract-grade products that have a domestic aesthetic – making it different from a lot of mass-produced commercial furniture. This means that our furniture and lighting products have both durability and a friendly appeal with their distinctive style.

Cameron Fry

Creative Director

T: 02031 304069

Thomas House
84 Eccleston Square, Pimlico
United Kingdom

T: 02031 304069

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  • Liqui Contracts in Al Zaydi Mall

    31 May 2022

    Liqui’s design team were asked to create something a bit different for a public area within a shopping mall. The space serves as the central hub for the surrounding restaurants....

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