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The 2014 New Designers Show at the Business Design Centre was in some ways a step change from the previous year and in one other way the step was backwards. Firstly lets get the backward movement out of the way as it is not really an event issue (some may have a view on this) but the lack of presence by Interior Design courses on view was  evident to all. The interior design (spatial design) section has been declining for a few years and in 2013 it seemed likely that a separate area in 2014 would be unlikely. That proved to be the case and so the focus on interior design at New Designers was even further diminished. Something needs to happen.

Week one and surface design was brilliant. Such a fantastic standard and the winner of the BCFA Award sponsored by FR One was a star, or perhaps a future star. Week two was more specifically for furniture and the standard here was also really good. We just loved Brighton as a University. What an interesting group of people and when I mentioned they were all a bit mad they said “thanks that great”. Inventive, interesting, fun and not quite the full shilling (in the best possible taste) is a great combination.

Best thing is to look at the images and see it all unfold. Also the BCFA have a new Education Group who will be developing some important new initiatives for students. Action is imminent.


The BCFA future star ‘Jessica Leigh Calvert’ with Colin Watson BCFA, MD.


Jessica showing off her work to Mary










We hope everyone who attended enjoyed the show.





  • Alex

    Thank you for featuring a photograph of my New Designers slot, displaying my Cherry Bark Sideboard. I am now a sole trader working as a contractor for private and business clients. My contact details can be found at

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