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Have Your Say … Best advice you received as a student?

Earlier this month Design Insider visited New Designers and One Year In where we enjoyed the opportunity to speak with students and graduates.  Knowing from our own experiences that the transition from student to graduate can be uncertain we chose to seek advice on behalf of students and graduates by asking design professionals about the best advise… Read More >

17 July 2018

Have Your Say… How can design evoke emotion?

This month Design Insider will be asking ‘How can design evoke emotion?’ We welcome you to join the discussion by leaving your opinion in a comment at the end of the article.  In what ways can design evoke emotion?  What are the benefits of creating designs that evoke emotion? We would love to hear about your examples, let… Read More >

10 May 2018

Have Your Say … What does British design look like?

This month Design Insider will be focusing on Scandinavian design.  Many of us love the characteristic Scandi aesthetic but it got us thinking:  What does British design look like?  We have been overwhelmed by the response to this months questions, this is certainly a topic that our BCFA members and readers feel passionate about!  We welcome you… Read More >

8 February 2018

Have Your Say…

In the Forth of our new discussion series ‘Have Your Say’ we are posing the question ‘Should the patient experience be re-imagined?’ Can healthcare designers learn from non-healthcare environments in order to re-imagine the patient experience? We would love to open a discussion questioning which innovative ideas from the workplace, hospitality and retail sectors could be applied within healthcare.  Are… Read More >

7 December 2017