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We have launched 4 new quarterly content campaigns for 2023. Within each campaign we will publish a broad range of articles, reports and webinars which examine the topic in depth. 

1st January to 31st March.
Open for content submission from 14th December – content deadline 15th March.

Sustainable Innovation
1st April to 30th June.
Open for content submission from 15th March – content deadline 14th June.

Now Hotel
1st July to 30th September.
Open for content submission from 14th June – content deadline 13th September.

1st October to 31st December.
Open for content submission from 13th September – content deadline 13th December.

Content for each of our quarterly campaign topics can be part of the features outlined below in order for Design Insider to showcase your brand in the best way possible. 

We currently publish 7 ongoing content series:

Have Your Say!

Position your knowledge in front of our engaged audience by featuring in our Have Your Say series. Each month we will share the opinions of Commercial Interior Designers and Suppliers focused on answering an important question. We welcome you to be part of this series by answering any, or all, of these questions. Download more information and questions here

Product Launches
Want to shout about a new product launch? This is one way you can do it. We interview the design team behind the product asking about the concept, inspiration, production and environmental considerations.

Completed a project you want everyone to know about? Let us know and we can put together a case study article involving the interior designer and the end client. We can also include a Product Focus section which highlights the specification of the products supplied. 

An interview with your design team or collaborating designer is a fantastic way to show the personality, passion, knowledge and expertise behind the product and brand, adding that human element that is often missed.

Sustainability Leaders
We talk to your team members who focus on sustainability within your business. Tell our readers your sustainability story, how you’re meeting targets, what your aiming for and the next steps towards achieving a more sustainable future.

Do you have knowledge and expertise on a specific topic and want to tell our readers about it? Email us with your idea and we will help you bring the piece to life. Our columnist series is also a great way to publish regular pieces on a topic you’re passionate about.

ONE Series
Our popular series enables a glimpse of the passions, interests and unexpected choices of the individuals behind the UK’s design and manufacturing sectors, or may link to your new product launch.

Commercial Interiors UK members may submit content free of charge as one benefit of their membership. We welcome content from non-members for which there may be a fee, please email

Articles are 600-1000 words in length accompanied by 6-8 images which illustrate the text, wherever possible images should contain people and portraits.

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