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blackswan presents their new cadus office booth

There is currently a focus on how workplace design will have been impacted by COVID19. At blackswan they believe that good design is good design and that excellent design principles are a constant which won’t have changed dramatically, notwithstanding social distancing. [Find Global Upholstery Solutions through BCFA Product Finder] The blackswan disruptive design philosophy is… Read More >

22 May 2020

Working from home?

Like most people, I’m now working from home and can’t quite believe it’s the ninth week of doing so – it’s flown by! The first week was definitely the hardest, adjusting to the new ways of life. I was pretty restless being cooped up in the flat and not commuting in to the office. Thankfully… Read More >

22 May 2020

Materiality in Workplace Environments

We recently spoke with Kerry Deffley, Design Manager EMEA, Shaw Contract who told us how COVID19 may impact materiality in workplace environment, here is what she said:  ‘Post COVID-19 lockdown it is likely that we will all be adopting new ways of working for a considerable period of time. This will certainly impact both workplace… Read More >

21 May 2020

Astro to Launch Inaugural Design-Led Capsule Collection

Astro Lighting, one of Britain’s leading designer and producer of contemporary lighting, has launched its first ever capsule collection of design-led, limited edition pieces. [Find Astro Lighting through BCFA Product Finder] Consistent with Astro’s creative ethos, that good design demands simplicity, the Capsule Collection Volume 01 focuses on precision and restraint to transcend seasons and… Read More >

20 May 2020

Hammer Carpets Microbial Shield

Stay well and safe: Protect your carpet from microbial damage.  Hammer Carpets offer a permanent anti-microbial treatment that lasts for the life of the carpet.  The Hammer Microbial Shield treatment is suitable for the entire selection of Hammer qualities. [Find Hammer Carpets through BCFA Product Finder] These days, the global COVID-19 pandemic makes us all… Read More >

19 May 2020

Trends in Architectural Materials

Which materials are being used in the most interesting ways right now? As well as constantly searching for brand-new materials, we should also seek to test our creativity – as well as thinking about the environment – by considering new uses for existing materials too. As a studio, we’re particularly interested in sustainable materials that… Read More >

19 May 2020

Webinar: Steve Haskins, So Design

Last week we discussed the importance of caring for your brand, positively positioning your brand and creating the ideal tone of voice during this period of crisis with Steve Haskins, Creative Director at So Design. Steve has been involved in the design industry for over 30 years both as Creative Director in some of the… Read More >

18 May 2020


The Crafted Series carpet tile collection (created by Milliken’s in-house design team combines the nostalgia of the hand-made with the power of modern technology. Originally launched in 2018 as a capsule collection of two designs ‘Woven Colour’ and ‘Modern Maker’ an additional statement design ‘Warp Winding’ has now been created. The colour line has also… Read More >

15 May 2020

Introducing the Fold by Astro Lighting

The latest addition to Astro’s extensive lighting portfolio is the Fold collection. The design presents a simple structure that captures the moment a soft material is frozen as it drapes over a linear form. [Find Astro Lighting through BCFA Product Finder] A wonderfully minimalist lighting design, the Fold will complement any hospitality setting and can… Read More >

14 May 2020