Career Profile: Jenny Crossland

Design Insider was delighted to speak with Jenny Crossland, SpaceInvader Designer and Ambassador for Design Insider. We loved learning about her career journey and found so much inspiration in her story, we’re certain you will too.  Please could you introduce yourself and SpaceInvader? Hello, I’m Jenny Crossland and I’m a designer at SpaceInvader – an… Read More >

5 August 2022

Leadership Profile: Nigel Tresise

Next in our Leadership Profile series, we spoke with Design Insider Ambassador, Director and Owner of align, Nigel Tresise. It was a pleasure to speak with Nigel and learn more about his leadership qualities, his own experiences within the industry and some advice if you’re trying to build a new team and company for the… Read More >

25 July 2022

Leadership Profile: John Williams

As an extension to our extremely popular Career Profile Series, Design Insider is thrilled to bring you the all new Leadership Profile, inviting leading professionals from the sector to discuss their approaches to leadership. In this edition, we are thrilled to share our Q&A with Design Insider Ambassador and Founder of SpaceInvador, John Williams. Please… Read More >

17 June 2022

Leadership Profile: Claire Menzies

Design Insider’s Career Profile series has received a fantastic response so far, and we know that you find plenty of inspiration from the incredible designers and architects we speak to. Having listened to your feedback, we have extended our Career Profile series to incorporate leading professionals from the sector, in an exploration of their approach… Read More >

13 May 2022

Career Profile: Marie-Lise Oulmont

As part of our Career Profile series, we had the privilege of speaking with, Marie-Lise Oulmont, Senior Associate and Architect at Nissen Richards Studio. We’re so pleased to share Marie-Lise’s journey and hope you can find inspiration in her journey to encourage your creative career. Please could you introduce yourself and Nissen Richards Studio?  I am… Read More >

13 May 2022

Studio Tour: Broome Jenkins

Design Insider is delighted to share the latest edition of our Studio Tour series, this time with Broome Jenkins, where we spoke with Director, Barry Jenkins. In this Q&A, discover the journey of Broome Jenkins, their most exciting projects worked on and what the future holds for the design studio. We are also thrilled to… Read More >

5 May 2022

Career Profile: Joanna Biggs

As part of our Career Profile series, we caught up with Joanna Biggs, Hospitality Interior Designer. We’re thrilled to share Joanna’s journey and hope you can find inspiration that you can apply to your own creative career. Here is what Joanna told us: My name is Joanna Biggs. I am a Design Consultant specialising in… Read More >

26 April 2022

Career Profile: Megan Jones, Interior Designer at 74

As part of our Career Profile series, we caught up with Megan Jones, Interior Designer at 74. We’re thrilled to share Megan’s journey and hope you can find inspiration that you can apply to your own creative career. Please could you introduce yourself and 74? I’m Megan Jones and I’m an Interior Designer at 74… Read More >

21 April 2022

Career Profile: Lan Yang, Creative Director at PENSON

In line with International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to welcome Creative Director at PENSON, Lan Yang to our latest Career Profile article. As a woman coming up in the Architect and Design industry, we found Lan’s journey inspirational and empowering, and we are sure you will too. Take a look at Asta Bijeike’s Career… Read More >

8 March 2022


Workstation power and connectivity is increasingly important for commercial interiors. With the need for agile working and hot desking, the proliferation of mobile devices that require USB charging, and the potential to integrate wireless charging with workstation furniture, innovation in workstation power requires a varied array of talents and job roles to bring concepts to… Read More >

12 January 2022