Using metallic tones in hospitality designs

Design Insider is delighted to share Yarwood Leather’s guide to using metallic tones in hospitality design…For those wanting to experiment and push boundaries in their interior design projects, metallic tones can be used in a variety of ways to create seating and stunning spaces. Metallic tones can be subtly combined with off neutral shades, for… Read More >

8 May 2021

Knowledge: Leather vs. Faux Leather

Design Insider is delighted to share Yarwood Leather’s insight on the differences between leather and faux leather. Many people often wonder about the differences between faux and real leather. The truth is there are pros and cons for both and it simply depends on personal preference and what you’re looking to gain from the material…. Read More >

5 May 2021

Tactics for Using Texture

Trends come and go, but utilising a range of textures will always bring excitement and personality to your projects. Contemporary weaves, decorative velvet’s and surface print wallpapers are being used to elevate and enhance rooms but how do you ensure texture isn’t just an afterthought? You don’t need physical contact to appreciate texture, simple follow… Read More >

1 March 2021

How to “Big Up” a Small Space

For those who design for cosy cottages or petite apartments, small things can make a huge difference. Follow ILIV’s top tips below to discover how you can create the illusion of space while exuding style. Mirror image Experienced interior designers strategically use an oversized mirror positioned opposite a window to bounce natural light into a… Read More >

21 February 2021

10 Velvet Trends

With its combination of softness and depth, velvet has the ability to make pattern and colour sing like no other material. It’s these unique qualities that luxurious velvet fabric delivers that has interior designers wholeheartedly embracing the latest velvet interior design trends. So, whether you want to use a modernist colour pop, a graphic design… Read More >

16 January 2021

How Using 3D Software Impacts Design

Design Insider is delighted to share this article originally published by the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID). BIID Member Martin Nealon shows how he uses SketchUp 3D interior design software to bring his ideas to life. Martin has thirty years’ experience working at the very top end of the domestic and commercial interior design… Read More >

6 January 2021

Expert Advice: How to use colour psychology

Design Insider is delighted to share an insightful piece of work by BCFA Member, Linwood, sharing their expertise on how to use colour psychology. So what is colour psychology? In short, it’s the study of colours and how they can affect us; from our moods, to our behaviour and even decisions we make. Have you… Read More >

4 January 2021

How to Decorate with Florals

Find out about decorating with florals with Linwood, who kindly shared their expertise with Design Insider, telling us and our readers how to decorate with floral patterns. Enjoy! Chintzy florals are having a moment. Driven initially by the big fashion houses, the interiors world has adopted this trend wholeheartedly. Not since the 1990s when we… Read More >

29 December 2020

Design Advice: choosing velvet curtains

More and more people are opting for this wonderful fabric at their windows and Design Insider is delighted to share BCFA Member, Linwood’s insight into velvet curtains. American interior designer Peter Dunham refers to curtains as, ‘the lipstick of decorating’.  Linwood couldn’t agree more, curtains finish a room; they’re the final flourish. One of Linwood’s… Read More >

21 December 2020

Wallpaper Tips

BCFA Member, Linwood, has put together wallpaper tips to help interior designers with choosing and specifying wallpaper. Along with paint, wallpaper adds instant color and pattern to your home; two things the Linwood team loves. As with many things in life, it can feel rather daunting if you’ve never dipped your toe into the world… Read More >

12 December 2020

Construction Design and Management Regulations

Design Insider is delighted to share a new resource article, originally published by the Society of British and International Interior Design (SBID). This article is to provide interior designers and architects with the construction design and management regulations, helping our readers with future projects. A designer is defined under Construction Design and Management (CDM) legislation… Read More >

8 December 2020

Nissen Richards Studio leads new Postgraduate Architecture Unit at London Metropolitan University

Nissen Richards Studio leads new Postgraduate Architecture Unit at London Metropolitan University, asking students to design a ‘Museum for Now’… Architecture practice and cultural sector specialist Nissen Richards Studio is delighted to be leading a new postgraduate teaching unit at the School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University this year, starting this month…. Read More >

2 November 2020

Is your portfolio up to scratch?

Is your portfolio up to scratch?  So often a designer’s portfolio remains untouched until you find yourself in need of new work, or your next career step, by which time it is often difficult to know what a potential employer might be looking for from your portfolio and it’s presentation.  Who better to take us… Read More >

17 August 2020