The Creative Space: Jaimie Mundin, Interior Designer for Inventive Design Associates

To kick off our ‘International’ theme this month, we have decided to ask designers about the spaces all around the world that have motivated them creatively recently.

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Inventive Design Associates (IDA) is a design practice based in Cheshire, whose portfolio generally covers the bar, restaurants and café industry but their specialism is the renovation of the quintessential British Pub.

For over 10 years, Jaimie Mundin has worked in the IDA Interior Design team but she always strives to refine her knowledge in the general principles of design.

So Jaimie, Can you tell us about a space or environment that has inspired you recently and how?

Earlier this year I took a trip to North India and explored the ‘Golden Triangle’.  

Many of the structures are adorned with decorative patterns; simple geometric shapes and intricate floral designs. The most renowned is the Taj Mahal.  It is stunning and at sunset, it glistens. Even with the bustle of tourists; it was a serene place. 

The space that inspired me, surprisingly, came in the form of a hotel resort.jaimie mundin_India 2017_exterior 2 webNahargarh Ranthambore, part of the Alsisar group, replicates a traditional Rajput hunting Palace.  It’s in close proximity to Ranthambore National Park.  Hunting is no longer condoned, instead the biggest draw is for a glimpse of an elusive tiger.  I was one of the lucky ones!

The resort resembled a mystical oasis on the approach and the comforts and sense of luxury were greatly appreciated. 

My first impression was the generous spaces afforded to the guests; space is luxury.  Then, the attention to detail; from the staff in traditional dress tending to the vast amount of lush green plants, to the exquisite fixtures and fittings.  I imagined a Mughal Emperor had selected each component personally, as an expression of their wealth and importance.jaimie mundin_India 2017_exterior 1 webThe bedroom interior was furnished with colonial pieces and luxurious details and materials.  Absolute comfort.  I felt like I had stepped back in time (with the exception of the Wi-Fi). Everywhere was pristine and meticulously cared for, with details inspired by the Mughal buildings seen on my exploration of India.

The accommodation and dining areas are linked by open courtyards, which frame views through to the next courtyard, leading finally, to a spectacular pool area. 

The resort was virtually empty – which I can’t imagine is good for business, but added to the charm, like it was my very own palace.  I couldn’t believe I was so enchanted by a resort! jaimie mundin_India 2017_interior 1 web



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