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Open Office: A Happy and Healthy Return to Work

Navigating through this time of crisis, and the unknown future of workplace design, Ocee Design draws on the knowledge gained from a vast and diverse network of global clients, expert collaborations and architects to understand better the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it will have on how office spaces are designed in… Read More >

21 September 2020

Open Office: The Creative Office

Zoom, Teams, Skype. Whatever you’re using, we’re sure you’ve encountered the odd frozen colleague, a dropped internet connection, or a difficult-to-hear discussion over the past few months. We’re all adapting to the ‘new normal’ and, whilst there are many perks to working from home (a five second commute topping our list), there are a number… Read More >

2 September 2020


Recent years have seen a rise in popularity of the blended workforce, as employers have increasingly enjoyed the flexibility of hiring a diverse range of staff on full and part time contracts, temporary workers, contractors and freelancers, often working from multiple locations and different time zones. The enthusiasm for blended working is shared by employees… Read More >

2 September 2020

Open Office: Managers Control Happiness!

New, world-leading research from Identity Realization demonstrates that whether working from home or the changing, Covid-19 office; the key to good performance – and the key to success for every business – is ‘happiness’ powered by employee autonomy. Running a survey and an experiment titled, “Covid-19: The Value of a Creative Culture,” Identity Realization enquired about the… Read More >

2 September 2020


As inviting as it may be, a sofa, armchair or bed is not the best place to work for long periods. They are neither beneficial to work morale nor do they help you assume a correct posture. The furniture from the readily available Sedus Home Office Selection is designed to support optimal working posture and… Read More >

19 August 2020