100 Years of Innovative Products & Materials

Roca has been developing innovative materials and products for the last 100 years and continues to manufacture new creative solutions for the bathroom environment.

Most recently, Roca launched Inspira, a versatile vitreous china range, using FINECERAMIC®, a high quality material, which facilitates precise design details and shapes.  The Inspira washbasins are 40% lighter than conventional products and have a greater tensile strength by up to 30% compared to most standard fired ceramics. The 100% ceramic material means products are easy to clean, non-porous, resistant to abrasive cleaning products and are fully recyclable.resizeAnother new material developed by Roca is SURFEX® which will be launched as the Modo collection. SURFEX® is solid, extremely durable and due to its mineral composition is completely recyclable. Modo focuses on the concept of bespoke design planning, with products that can be configured to suit the interior design specification. The material provides complete freedom and flexibility, resulting in seamless, elegant designs that can be bonded into a ‘one-piece product’ which provides exact customised pieces.Roca3 resizeWith this advancement in product innovation, Roca is developing its personalised service for commercial and hospitality projects. A recent partnership with Boxbuild for BLOC hotels in Birmingham featured a custom-made Solid Surface solution to create the ultimate durable and hygienic bathroom. The specification included a complete wall, floor and shower tray combination, alongside a bespoke Solid Surface washbasin that was pre-fabricated to fit the allocated space.

Mark Poulain, International Specification Manager for Roca Group (UK) said;

“Solid Surface is an ideal material for commercial bathrooms because it allows a flexible approach to the design aesthetics whilst also making the construction process much simpler and less time-consuming. We’re really excited to be able to offer these tailor-made solutions for our clients’ projects.”



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