1920s inspired ‘Fanfare’ by Lincrusta

In celebration of their 140 year anniversary, Lincrusta have launched a new design inspired by their historic archives. 

You can expect to see quite a few exciting new designs from Lincrusta this year. The designs will focus on some of today’s contemporary trends such as geometric patterns and organics, which is very different to anything currently available from the Lincrusta collection. 2 Fanfare lincrusta webThe first of these releases is Fanfare – a timeless and elegant art-deco design with it’s inspiration drawn from the 1920s.

When searching for inspiration for this new design Lincrusta rooted through their historic archives. They found a selection of designs that highlighted the glamorous decade, which brought us lavish bars & restaurants, stylised furnishings and glamorous architecture. The original steel rollers used to make these original heritage wallcoverings, were unfortunately lost when they were melted down for munitions during the war effort.1920 lincrusta archivesYour next interior could reach a new level of luxury and sophistication with Lincrusta’s distinctive designs. As with all their wallcoverings, Fanfare is supplied plain on a 10m roll but can be hand painted for further dimension in a multitude of different ways. So if you want something with depth and interest, Lincrusta could be the way to create an individual yet iconic space of your own.

For more information about Lincrusta visit www.lincrusta.com


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