4 New Vinyl Wallcoverings by Vescom

How is it possible that Vescom can add more texture and richness to their vinyl wallcovering collections? Well they’ve succeeded in creating 4 new additions that showcase what Vescom are all about even better than before.  

Vescom introduce two new luxurious designs, Florence and Ketoy and have developed 2 of their classic designs Tonga and Larak.

As usual, their products are strong, durable, FR rated, lightfast, colourfast, scratchproof and impact-resistant. All the properties of a fantastic contract vinyl wallcovering.


This wallcovering has a trendy metallic sheen over a silk-like horizontal panel texture. This design is available in 23 colours that range from soft naturals and bold dark tones.Vescom 2018 FLORENCE

This vertical fabric-like wallcovering also holds a shiny effect full of richness and layering. Being available in 30 different colours means that there is a tone to suit any interior scheme. Vescom 2018A new look TONGA

Tonga is Vescom’s heaviest quality vinyl wallcovering, also known as ‘heavy duty’. The design classic (19 colours) was expanded to include neutrals and tones like creamy white and wool white.  Matte greyed tints and an impressive range of metallic colours also give the product a complete upgrade.

The special thing about Tonga is that the material breaks light and shadow which gives the optical illusion of several colours. The metallic tints like copper, bronze and silver add to the 3D effect and highlight the multicolour optical illusion.Vescom 2018Uplifted LARAK

This design has expanded its colour chart to 23 options, with colours that work beautifully with this modern product. The designs refer to organic materials and influences from nature, ensuring a peaceful, harmonious effect. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Larak is popular in the care and wellbeing sector. With Larak, Vescom proves once again that functionality and appearance can be very closely linked.

Vescom 2018

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