Collaborative Seating by Connection for Ascentis Workspace

Ascentis wanted an interactive, hybrid workspace which provided inspiration to their staff. The result was a vibrant and collaborative work space which supported flexible, modern working practices whilst retaining a sense of fun and freedom. Platforms and Hygge by Connection are key features within the space, which was completed by Opus 4.

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The workspace featured a range of different areas, each individually designed to provide spaces which supported collaborative work, as well as more orthodox meeting rooms and multiple breakout zones for relaxation. The project featured multiple pieces of Connection commercial furniture to add to the whimsical feel and aesthetic. “The result was a vibrant and collaborative space which supported flexible, modern working practices whilst retaining a sense of fun and freedom.”

Our Hygge chairs were specified in a magical configuration within a quiet, Harry Potter-themed reading room, otherwise known as Platform 9 ¾. This quirky, hidden area of the office has been designed to provide an area of quiet seclusion away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the open-plan space. The high-back Hygge chairs were the ideal pieces for the library thanks to their gentle, contoured design hugging the user and providing a feeling of cosiness.

Platforms was featured as the centre piece in the main collaboration space in the office. The U-shaped configuration creates a communal, amphitheatre feel in the heart of the space, thus enabling the workforce to work together in a dedicated space which both encourages and supports collaborative working.

Other products featured within the space include the Play media unit, which is placed to break up a breakout area. The multi-purpose unit provides employees with the opportunity to collaborate using the dry-wipe board, whilst the TV on the rear can be used for either relaxation or impromptu presentations. Pear chairs were placed within a wellness room, overseeing the wooded areas through a panoramic window. The deep seat creates a space ideal for relaxation and contemplation, making it a perfect addition to the wellness room.

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