6 New Upholstery fabrics by Vescom

Vescom develops and produces high-quality interior fabrics and wall coverings and have recently launched 6 new contract-quality upholstery fabrics that are water-resistant, all different designs but can be easily combined. 

If your looking for diversity of designs, colours and structures these new fabrics could be for you. Lamu, Wolin, Fuga, Deans, Hestan and Samar offer endless combination options and are all produces for  intensive contract use with high abrasion resistance.

Lamu (30 colours) and Wolin (47 colours) are both comfortable wool mélanges with a warm, soft, natural look and feel. The extensive colour pallet of these fabrics is friendly, light and fresh. Unpatterned and mélange fabrics are coordinated with each other and can be combined endlessly. Lamu is the coarser version while Wolin is finer. The high abrasion resistance (> 100,000 Martindale rubs) ensures this fabric is perfect for use in office situations or any interior that requires high performance coupled with high design. Lamu and Wolin have a width of 150 cm and therefore lend themselves perfectly for use in panels. Both provide a soft and warm look and, where required, will have a softening effect on the interior.Vescom 2018Fuga is a soft chenille with a vintage look and feel; the version that was missing from the collection. All tints of the 26-part colour pallet give a warm and comfortable hospitality feeling that simply welcomes any user.Vescom 2018Deans can be used on two sides as it is a double faced fabric and is therefore perfect for combination use. This new versatile fabric is available in 15 colours, but being double faced provides 30 options with which to work.

The successful Vescom products Hestan and Samar have been significantly expanded with regard to colour. The Hestan colour series now has no fewer than 30 colours instead of 16. Samar is now available in 51 colours. The designs have been recoloured while paying attention to stylish natural hues, beautiful pastel colours and warm nuances, but also include cool blue and grey tints.Upholstery 2018All designs have excellent results with regard to abrasion resistance, pilling, fastness to rubbing and light resistance and can be easily applied. These functional properties in combination with the different looks ensure a wider appeal in the contract market.

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