7 New tiles inspired by both urban and natural environments

Johnson Tiles is the leading manufacturer in the UK for wall and floor tiles and they have recently launched 7 new ranges.

These new ranges from Johnson Tiles have been inspired by the natural world as well as our man-made surroundings. The collections are a stunning range of glazed ceramic and porcelain designs that could be used in a multitude of commercial interior projects. The Johnson Tiles factory (see JT’s wonderful manufacturing video here) keeps all their collections fully stocked to ensure a quick turn around for even the most demanding project!

1) Classics

Glazed ceramic wall tiles, inspired by the beauty of natural marble and stones.CICS2A CLASSICS TRAVERTINE-02 (1) web

2) Harbour

Encapsulates the rustic aesthetic of sea-weathered rocks, comprising a range of glazed ceramic wall tiles.HARB3T HARBOUR BREAKWATER-01 (1) web

3) Latitude

Sophisticated yet subtle stripe pattern for a range of glazed ceramic wall tile.LATI3A LATITUDE CARBON-02 (1) web

4) Threads

Combines a subtle stripe pattern with a mix of soft colours for a stylish range of 300x200mm glazed ceramic wall tiles.THRD1A THREADS COTTON-02 web

5) Fitzrovia

Inspired by our man-made surroundings, celebrating a rustic appearance through understated distressed markings, in Pearl or Silver.FITZ02A FITZROVIA SILVER-01 web

6) Enstone

Inspired by a village of the same name, replicates Cotswold Stone. Available in one size of 600x600mm.ENST2N ENSTONE SANDY COVE 2 web

7) Kielder

A trend-led range that replicates the natural beauty of the forest.KIEL3N KIELDER FROSTY OAK 2 web

Darren Clanford, Creative Director of Johnson Tiles, has shared with us his mood boards from the concept part of these collections. Take a look through them below.

“We’re continuing to see a trend for interior products inspired by nature. From calming colour palettes, to the replication of wood, stone and slate, thanks to the available technology in the tile manufacturing industry we’re able to provide seamless solutions that offer alternatives to natural resources.

Alongside these materials, we’re also celebrating man-made design, with a focus on industrialism and Scandinavian minimalism. These new ranges offer cutting-edge style and subtle tones for truly stunning results.” – Darren Clanford, Creative Director of Johnson Tiles

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