A Futuristic Kaleidoscope Glass Display from Lasvit

As a part of Ross Lovegrove’s new exhibition Convergence, Lasvit are presenting LiquidKristal Pavilion. Made from innovative organic-like glass panels inspired by nature’s fluidity.Lasvit_Ross_Lovegrove_LLK (2)Lasvit LiquidKristal is a result of a year-long collaboration and an innovative process that designer Ross Lovegrove defines as a “high precision heat transfer.” Lasvit´s Glass for Architecture Division deployed its most advanced technology to produce the transparent, undulating crystal panels, which appear dynamic and to change shape.

Leon Jakimic, Lasvit’s President and Founder says:

“LiquidKristal combines technology and design to create an architectural product, replacing the enormous monotony typical of large glass structures with natural surfaces and their abundant variety, richness and coherence. We are very proud to be part of this exhibition and present such innovative product as LiquidKristal”

Lasvit_Ross_Lovegrove_LLK (9)The finished product is highly customizable, allowing large-scale pattern aggregations over multiple sheets, ranging from pavilions in interior and exterior environments, such as divisions in public spaces or boutiques, to partition walls or large, spectacular full length windows capable of transforming a building’s architecture.

Lasvit’s success has evolved from bridging craft, design and technology – a magical combination that brought the firm numerous international projects and collaborations with world-renowned designers. Its coveted works enhance extraordinary interiors worldwide, including private residences, public spaces, unique hotels and high-end boutiques. Lasvit_Ross_Lovegrove_LLK (14)The ‘Convergence’ exhibition will run from 12th April – 3rd July 2017 at Centre Pompidou, Galerie 3, Paris.

For more information visit www.lasvit.com


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