A New Bubble Tea Experience with Studio du Feu

Studio du Feu, renowned for their creative and innovative designs, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking new concept for Bubbleology, the UK’s favourite bubble tea brand. This unique collaboration fuses Studio du Feu’s signature style with Bubbleology’s brand ethos to introduce a new era of Bubble Tea experience.

Bubbleology, known for their distinctive and delicious Taiwanese inspired Bubble Tea, has built a loyal customer base over the years.  Founded in the heart of Soho London in 2011, it has become leading Bubble Tea brand, with a rapid expansion both in the United Kingdom and internationally with stores opening across Europe and the US.

Bubbleology Madrid concept render

Studio du Feu, well-known for their expertise in experiential design have been thrilled to help reimagine Bubbleology’s stores and offer a fresh, invigorating perspective that aligns with the company’s progressive values and ambition.  Their portfolio spans various sectors, with projects that harmonise aesthetics, functionality, and environment. Their vision for Bubbleology is no different.

Bubbleology Bluewater concept render

The redesign aims to captivate Bubbleology customers by enhancing their bubble tea experience from the moment they step into the store. The concept focuses on integrating elements of the bubble tea making process into the store design.  With strong nods to the science behind the crafting of bubble tea throughout the concept which plays beautifully with the softer and warmer notes within the seating areas.

The space is envisioned as a playground where customers can watch their favourite bubble tea being made right in front of them, adding a sense of theatre to the Bubbleology experience.  The eye catching and hypnotic colour changing ‘Bubble’ counter gives a phenomenal focus point for the stores.

Bubbleology Materials Board

Sustainable and eco-friendly materials dominate the design strategy, reflecting Bubbleology’s commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability. Studio du Feu has cleverly used these materials to create a dynamic yet comfortable atmosphere, seamlessly combining form and function that invites customers to spend time in stores to relax and enjoy the experience.

Studio du Feu’s concept has also incorporated technologically advanced features to meet the growing digital needs of Bubbleology’s clientele. The incorporation of digital menu boards and self-service ordering kiosks are some of the ways they have future-proofed the design.

The redesigned Bubbleology stores are not just places to grab a quick drink, but spaces for social interaction, relaxation, and a whole new experience of enjoying bubble tea. Studio du Feu’s innovative design is expected to propel Bubbleology’s brand identity further, fortifying its position in the UK market while also making it more appealing to international customers.

Studio du Feu’s new concept for Bubbleology is not just a redesign of physical stores. It’s a reimagination of the brand’s entire customer journey, taking every sip of bubble tea from a mere act of drinking to a complete sensory experience. The collaboration between Studio du Feu and Bubbleology underscores a shared commitment to innovation, creativity, and a customer-first approach, setting a new benchmark in the bubble tea industry.


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