NEW: A room within a room: BoConcept’s Nantes Sofa

Model: Nantes Sofa

Seats: 2

Structure: metal, plywood

Finish: powder coated

Dimensions: H87cm, W208cm, D92cm

BCFA member BoConcept, founded in Denmark in 1952, has released an elegant, soft and welcoming high-back sofa, designed by Henrik Pedersen. This product is suitable for the contract industry.

“Like an everyday retreat. A place to seek refuge, and shelter, a small room in a room, surrounded by soft panels. Small in dimension, and easy to place, but still snug and cosy.” – Henrik Pedersen.

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Design Insider BoConcept Nantes White

The Nantes sofa is a stunning room within a room: a cosy retreat for work and rest. The flexible side panels contain a durable wire construction that spans pillars at the front and rear. 

It allows the side panels to flex under force, which provides extra comfort: a snug surface when lying across the sofa; or a somewhat moulded armrest. Once weight is removed, the side panel springs back to its original shape.

Design Insider BoConcept Nantes Armrest

This sofa is designed with strict lines that easily interact with modern architecture or dynamic workspaces. In line with current trends, Nantes can be ordered with mismatched cushions for a unique and homely look.

Design Insider BoConcept Nantes Black

Nantes is available in a choice of two curated editions, featuring cotton-blend chenille fabric, alongside leather piping and details.

BoConcept has a long-standing tradition of modern design furniture with the highest functionality, design and quality. We enjoyed seeing BoConcept at Orgatec in 2018! Is this product suitable for your project? Let us know by commenting below.

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