A World Less Ordinary: Romo x Temperley

Welcome to the world of Temperley London x Romo. A partnership that tells the story of how two curators from the fashion and interiors industry came together to create dreamlike collection of fabrics, wallcoverings, trimmings and cushions.  Journey down a rabbit hole to a mystical land of maximalism where the only limit is your imagination.

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The Partnership

An introduction of two creative minds, Temperley London’s, Founder & Creative Director, Alice Temperley MBE and the Romo Group Director of Design and Excellence, Emily Mould had a realisation that their shared passion for design and ethos for quality could result in a unique partnership. A mutual desire to fill the world with beautiful things, this pairing of two design houses would undoubtedly turn heads.

Inspired and excited to experience each other’s worlds, the two studios delved into the Temperley design archives that span the last two decades, the choice was plentiful. An abundance of handpainted prints, intricate embroideries, and delicate detailing were all on display for the choosing.

“There’s something for everyone in the collection – from the ‘neutral’ leopard which goes with absolutely everything or the bolder prints that are evocative and heady. Each design can stand alone or be layered together to create depth and atmosphere in a room.” Alice Temperley, MBE Founder & Creative Director, Temperley London

After much deliberation a selection of pieces were chosen and the reimagination began. Working together, the two studios maintained the essence of a Temperley fashion piece and translated it into an interior masterpiece, capturing the intricacies of shimmering beads and sequins with glimmering metallics and recreating delicate embroideries as large-scale works of art.

The Collection

A glimpse into Alice’s wonderland, the five new collections narrate a fantastical story, taking you on a journey of magical discovery. Striking wallcoverings, indulgent velvets, fluid satins, and luxurious weaves are adorned by leaping leopards and swinging mischievous monkeys that are all part of the world of Temperley. Opulent palms, bursting blooms of colour, and swirling seas of marble, create an evocative and heady landscape, decadently embellished by extravagant, bohemian trims. The Temperley love of leopard print makes its mark, in a plethora of finishes, scales and colours, these animalistic spots work as a coordinate throughout the collections. A luxurious plain velvet in a rich colour pallette compliments the collections, providing an equilibrium to the maximalist aesthetic of the partnership.

Inspired by the burgeoning apothecary drawers of the Temperley archive, a haberdashery of trims offer a playful opulence. Classic passementerie brush fringes, twist cords and key tassels, as well as embellished flat weave trims inject yet more spirited flair and pattern. These decadent trims are designed to elevate all that they adorn.

“It was like being a child in a sweet shop, seeing all these beautiful fabrics and intricate details that had been carefully hand stitched. There were a couple of designs that instantly stood out to me, the Euphoria monkey print being one of them, I could just see it being a perfect fit for the Romo customer.” Emily Mould, Director of Design and Excellence, The Romo Group

Taking a maximalist approach, the eccentricity continues with a offering of cushions, where luxurious qualities and bold prints have been perfectly paired with grandiose fringes. Fashion is a literal moving catwalk, fast paced and seasonal with new designs and qualities appearing regularly. Given a deserved longevity, this partnership brings a new lease of life to much loved designs that will live in people’s homes for years to come.

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