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Abbotsford has built a reputation for quality fabrics woven with style, performance and practicality that meet rigorous standards.  As a supplier to many of the country’s leading companies, we offer a variety of fabric ranges from stock supported collections, alongside working with independent companies to create a tailored bespoke solution.

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We supply fabric to countless industries within various sectors, we take pleasure in getting to know each of our customers and fulling their requirements. One company which echoed our sustainability ethos seamlessly was Tree Tents, an ultimate escape into the outdoors. With sustainable design at the heart of their business, we were thrilled to be able to be a part of this innovative venture.

Our 100% Melton wool, is used in their ergonomically designed range of products: Fuselage, Tree Tents, and Okra Cabins. A natural insulator, therefore, the perfect solution to keep these contemporary eco cabin warm and cosy all year round. The Melton wool is finished with an eco-friendly nanosphere coating, a nature mimicking technology that allows dirt and water to run off the surface of the textile without using harmful chemicals. This enables the fabric to stay clean and vibrant in colour, making it very easy to maintain.

The benefits of using wool – a natural and renewable fibre are endless, it’s 100% natural and biodegradable, retains its shape and is naturally flame retardant. Its breathable, boasts moisture wicking benefits, and balanced thermal insulation properties meaning it will keep you warm in winter, and cool in summer. It is no wonder wool is a popular fabric choice within the domestic and contract industries.

We operate a quality management system and hold ISO 9001 Quality Management, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification. This highlights our commitment to providing quality products and services with our drive to be more efficient, reduce waste and limit our environmental impact.

Following the success of our 100% Melton wool, we launched a new collection of Classic Melton wool which is available in a range of 60 commercial colours, 28 solid shades, and 32 melanges. View our collection here, or for more information email us today, or call +44 (0) 1274 738049.

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