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Shoreditch has become one of the most desirable spots in London, especially for anyone wanting to be submerged in great history of culture and industry. The district has roots from the theatre and then to become the  industrial core of the textile and furniture manufacturing.


Ace Hotel an American organisation have stepped into Shoreditch as their first venture across the pond, but would you know this was American hotel? NO! they have teamed up with British architect firm Universal Design Studio to create something quite special! This hotel has taken influence from its surrounding using local artists and craftsman, The exterior has even had a renovation to give it the Shoreditch look.


The 258 room Hotel also houses a 1,800 sq ft seventh floor event space, a 2,700 sq ft restaurant and a 3,900 sp ft lounge and reception area comprised of retail units, a bar, café and an art gallery. These communal spaces are envisioned as a hub for interaction between guests but also to be used by the surrounding community. Within these spaces the Shoreditch tone continues with common local materials being used, such as brick metalwork and Crittall glazing.


All material choices for the project have been informed by East London’s longstanding role as a centre for the performing arts, as well as a historic home to skilled trades like shoemaking, furniture making, rope making, ship building and silk weaving. the hotel has come in soaked up that is Shoreditch and then regurgitated it all in spectacular fashion.


London Model Room : Color Corrected Selects

This hotel is not like your normal hotel the guest rooms for instance are made to look more like your friends flat that a hotel room, with all the home comforts but with a sense that they just ooze cool. Each room has a record player with a small collection of vinyl’s available, with more available from reception. some of the bigger rooms are also fitted out with a daybed and a table and chairs, allowing guest presumably to use the space with friends or co-workers, to dine or to do have meetings, the rooms seem more functional than your standard guest room.


All Images © Ace Hotel 2014



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