Acrylicize Gets The Ark into a Spin

Acrylicize the award-winning art collective and consultancy has created a unique sculpture in the design of a spinning top at the iconic Ark building in Hammersmith. The client Helix took over the management of the building in 2013 and began to oversee a programme of refurbishments designed to enhance the overall experience for tenants and visitors. Acrylicize were appointed to create an art installation in the expansive entrance area that enhanced the incredible space. The answer was SPIN.

Acry_160607_01 (1)
Celebrating The Ark’s unique and architecturally iconic building; ‘the spin top’ enables viewers to closely engage with its beautifully bright and dynamic surroundings. The classic style spinning top provides a playful way to reflect its environment in a fun and engaging way from every angle. The spinning top is one of the oldest recognisable toys found on archaeological sites in the UK. Through research of the buildings location Acrylicize learnt about the Neolithic tribes, Bronze Age remains and Roman settlements that would have occupied this area of London.

Acry_160607_34 (1)

Known for its gyroscopic properties, the spinning top guides the viewer through the building. The gyroscope is used in many navigational systems, and makes for a subtle nod to the nautical shape and the name of the building. The 3D reflective aspect of the spinning top gave Acrylicize a playful way to reflect the space, and the form invokes a feeling of movement, energy and balance when presented in the slanted frozen form.

Acry_160607_54 (1)
Angela Duru, Director of Assets & Property Management Helix Property commented:

‘’The imposing piece provides a focal point for our customers which helps support our place making efforts to transform common areas into inspirational and useful spaces’’




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