Address Boulevard, Dubai’s Newest Landmark

This month we are looking at Eastern Design and with that our city focus is Dubai. We kick things off with a stunning new addition to the middle-eastern skyline…

Address Hotels + Resorts only uses the world’s most innovative brands to design distinctive hotel interiors and among these carefully selected companies is Lasvit, the world-renowned and award-winning Czech glass manufacturer. Lasvit designed and produced the 46-piece collection themed The Spirit of Timeless Luxury featured Address Boulevard, which opened its doors recently.2017_3 DUBAI_THE ADDRESS HOTEL DOWNTOWN_04_3 webOffering a deluxe hotel and residential experience, along with its standing as the 36th tallest building in the world, Address Boulevard is designed to be the most sophisticated expression of Dubai.

The lighting experience begins in the hotel’s main lobby, where Lasvit’s flagship piece Felicity draws the attention of visitors.Drawing inspiration from the diamonds and pearls worn by icons as spirited as Audrey Hepburn, the design creates a sense of timeless sophisticated elegance, but with an overall contemporary and forward-looking feel.2017_3 DUBAI_THE ADDRESS HOTEL DOWNTOWN_02_8 webJana Růžičková, LASVIT’s in-house designer explains;

Pearls are an integral part of Dubai’s heritage and a core concept here, further embellished with refined crystals and its gleaming metal frameworkA drop-shaped baroque pearl takes center stage. It’s a precious creation of nature, feminine and soft yet, at the same time, strong in its physical structure and symbolism. We drew inspiration from glittering diamonds and pearls worn by icons as spirited as Audrey Hepburn. Our aim was to develop pieces with a timeless sophisticated elegance, but with a definite contemporary and forward-looking feel. The warm yet subtle color scheme further underpins this overall goal.”Jana Ruzickova (2) web

Building on the design theme set in the main lobby, the 4-meter lighting sculpture in the Lobby Lounge titled Adorn is aimed to truly adorn the room – adding beauty, light and elegance to a modern interior.

The 46-piece collection themed The Spirit of Timeless Luxury indeed depicts elegance and refinement. Each installation carries elements of hand-blown glass combined with rod-shaped fine-crystal prisms, forming layered and intertwined creations that resemble precious jewels. Lasvit’s innovative installations can be seen throughout the key areas of Address Boulevard. This includes the lounge, ballroom, pre-function rooms and reception, as well as the breathtaking grand staircase, where a 4-meter installation cascades its facets of crystals.2017_9 DUBAI_THE ADDRESS HOTEL DOWNTOWN_01_1XXX webContact Lasvit


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