NEW: Amtico introduces Colour Edit

Collection: Colour Edit
Models: four palettes of 25
Usage: Flooring
Material: LVT

As part of the 2019 expansion of its popular Signature collection of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), Amtico’s in-house design team has created Colour Edit, four palettes of 25 coloured products that perform beautifully as part of a pattern, flooded across a floor or used to provide subtle accents.

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Design Insider Amtico Colour Edit Quartz Product

The carefully curated palettes have been designed to change the way architects, designers and specifiers see, experience and ultimately use colour. The coloured products can be mixed and matched and teamed with one of Amtico’s 23 pre-designed Signature laying patterns.

The four Colour Edit palettes are: Stucco, nine softly-textured colourways consisting of mottled watercolours, soft concretes and dry plaster used to create a fine, sophisticated finish; Modernist, five colourways developed through studies of brutalist architecture in Amtico’s hometown of Coventry; Diffusion, five fresh pastel colourways providing a gentle palette with a useable powdery texture; and Encaustic, six colourways influenced by the saturated tones of minerals, semi-precious stones and marbles, which deliver earthy, raw textures to a space.

Design Insider Amtico Colour Edit swatches

Amtico looks very closely at architectural and interior design trends when developing collections, but flooring design is slightly different because it has a much longer lifetime than other elements in a design scheme. Their products must look as good in ten years as they do now, so they must interpret current trends into useable, sophisticated floors that will stand the test of time.

In Colour Edit Amtico has picked up certain themes, such as the use of concrete in commercial design and the enduring trend for calming peaceful spaces to promote wellbeing.

Design Insider Amtico Colour Edit Lifestyle

Amtico has been seeing a strong desire for colour in commercial spaces, with customers using Amtico’s existing palette of saturated brights in inventive and creative ways. However, with Colour Edit, they wanted to create a much more useable, sophisticated palette which considers not just colour but the effect it has on a space and in a scheme.

The design philosophy for Colour Edit is based on the fact that colour is seen and interpreted in relation to what’s around it. Consequently, over half of the palette is made up of neutral hues containing only measured hints of colour so each of the 25 colours can be interpreted or re-interpreted, depending on the scale, proportion and combinations they are used in.

 Design Insider Amtico Colour Flax

But colouration is only one part of our design development process, and Amtico strongly believes that for products to have real longevity, design and texture must be sympathetic with colour. So, for Colour Edit they also developed four original print designs, each of them with carefully crafted features and characteristics to reflect the beauty of the colourways.

For example, the refined concrete design of Modernist was created by combining a multitude of hand-crafted artwork layers, resulting in gradations of tone and diffused angles which give it a unique aesthetic, elevating it far beyond more traditional grey concrete effects.

Design Insider Amtico Colour Edit floor

“Our in-house design team has poured extensive research and knowledge into creating these 25 products to challenge the way people see and experience colour. Colour Edit presents a bold spectrum of tones that encourage you to experiment with colour on the floor; either by pattern, subtle accents or spread throughout. The addition of four textures adds depth and variety to further expand the possibilities with each colourway. From aged plaster to more architectural shades, the carefully curated interaction between infinite colour and texture will redefine the boundaries of flooring design.” – Karen Quarterman, Amtico Design Manager.

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  • Susan Ring

    I have seen the picture of the floor that seems to use all the 25 colours of the Colour Edit. They seemed to have been squares laid diagonally and at random . I would like if possible to know if it was all 25 colours used and in what proportion please.
    I love the look and would like to replicate it in my kitchen.