First impressions count, which led to Amtico Signature being used throughout The Cotgrave Hub – a brand new, state-of-the-art building located in the heart of the borough of Rushcliffe in Nottingham.

The multipurpose facility, which is part of an extensive redevelopment of the local area, brings together GP services, a pharmacy, the community voluntary service, a library and Nottinghamshire Police all under the same roof.

Design Insider Amtico Library

“Amtico is a premium product that provided the project with an enhanced design option, linking the entranceway fantastically well with all its finishes. Although we had considered it for a number of projects previously, this was the first time we actually used it – and the results were impressive.” – Jake Alexander, technical director at West Hart Partnership.

In order to connect these different amenities, Amtico LVT was used to create zones and aid wayfinding. Amtico Signature was chosen by chartered architects West Hart Partnership Ltd to form walkways throughout the entrance and reception area, reflecting the linear design used in the interior lighting, as well as the aesthetic of the building itself. Different types of flooring products – a mixture of neutralcoloured woods, stones and abstracts – were then used to zone separate areas.

Design Insider Amtico Entrance

“The high specification flooring allowed us to create something different, while still meeting the needs of the multipurpose building, successfully bringing a wide range of services together. In particular, the use of Cumbrian Slate resulted in a ‘coal seam’ effect, which was apt, considering Rushcliffe’s mining history, so added a little reference to the area’s heritage as part of the overall design.” – Jake Alexander, technical director at West Hart Partnership.

Due to its high specification credentials and its ability to create an unexpected yet eye-catching design, the architects chose ‘Alchemy Atmosphere’ for the reception area. A walkway made from ‘Cumbrian Slate’ then runs across from the main reception desk into the GP surgery and the library, effectively linking each area together.

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