Antimicrobial Fabrics from Panaz

Catherine Seville-Clare, Group Customer Experience Manager at Panaz, discusses the benefits of applying antimicrobial technologies to contract fabrics at the point of manufacture to successfully mitigate against the spread of virus and bacteria.

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Please can you begin by introducing yourself and your role at Panaz?

I am Catherine Seville-Clare, Group Customer Experience Manager at Panaz. I am responsible for ensuring all aspects of our customers’ journey with us exceeds expectations.

 Can you tell us about your antimicrobial technology, Shieldplus?

Applied during manufacture, Shieldplus is a fast-acting antimicrobial technology that is both durable and safe to use. It provides nanotechnology-based protection that fights against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. This includes Coronavirus, MRSA, C-diff Spore, and Norovirus.

Unlike other treatments on the market, Shieldplus instantly kills on contact by piercing the cell wall of the bacteria and viruses. This non-migrating treatment attacking their physical structure to deactivate the biochemicals within each microbe. It effectively electrocutes the virus, and because it is non-migrating, it doesn’t leech into the environment or deplete in potency.

Can you explain the process of manufacturing with Shieldplus?

Shieldplus is applied during the manufacture process via a method that creates a covalent bond with the fabric.

Because of this process, there is no change in the colour or texture of the finished fabric, which can potentially be caused by some topical after-market technologies. This type of manufacturing process also ensures long-lasting protection, even in high traffic areas.

How do you ensure sustainability when manufacturing with this technology?

Unlike traditional antimicrobials that tend to contain heavy metals, such as silver and copper. Shieldplus is a water-based technology, so is safe for both the environment and visitors.

Many other solutions leave the surface to adhere to the virus and bacteria, whereas Shieldplus attracts the viruses and bacteria so dangerous chemicals and me leech into the environment – even when washed.

Shieldplus is applied to many of Panaz’s ranges of basecloths, some of which are manufactured from recycled materials. We also use inherently fire-retardant yarns that haven’t undergone chemical treatments, yet still comply with all relevant safety regulations. We are continuously committed to reducing our impact on the environment, whilst providing professionals with high quality, sustainable contract fabrics.

Have you seen a rise in demand for fabrics with this technology within the past 2 years? Is more than one sector seeking antimicrobial fabrics?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in demand for contract fabrics that feature antimicrobial technologies. Professionals are now looking for great design, without compromising on quality and performance, in addition to infection control.

The specification of antimicrobial contract fabrics will continue to grow in importance across a variety of sectors, not just in healthcare, but in hospitality and commercial workplaces too. Employees and visitors continue to return to these spaces and want to feel safe and protected, so ensuring upholstery and drapery feature an antimicrobial solution is key.

How can you see this type of technology being developed in the future?

It is essential that company’s like Panaz keep themselves informed, not only of developments within their own industries, but also in emerging virus and bacteria. Panaz was the first fabric manufacturer to test its antimicrobial solution against Coronavirus and the first to introduce a water-based solution.

It is essential to regularly test the efficacy of any solutions, whilst protecting the environment, and we intend to always be at the forefront of our industry in the fight against infection.

For further information on Panaz’s extensive range of fabrics, visit or call  +44 (0)1282 696969.

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