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‘One of our biggest steps on our journey to zero carbon and zero waste is in choosing our materials, because they can account for more than 70% of any product’s footprint. By reusing existing plastics, yarns and textiles, we significantly reduce our emissions and produce a more responsible product.’

Here Design Insider shares with you Boss Design’s commitment to sustainable materials and how these have been put into practise through their relaunched Apply chair.

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Materials Reimagined – A Design Principal

We believe in the potential of spaces to positively affect people. We must consider the complete design solution, from how we source materials, make them, use them, return them, and ultimately, how we reimagine them. Inspired by the global movement to tackle climate change, we have re-looked at our processes and materials we use to guide the future of design and development. We believe Design has the opportunity to take on an influential role in making the world a better place. Material circularity sets us on a path that focuses on sustainable design and responsible manufacturing in a very real way.

By focusing on progress and redefining perfection, with an enhanced set of sustainability goals, we embrace the chance to reconsider our products, to create an authentic portfolio of positive products.

Adopting sustainable thinking to our portfolio and supply chain resulted in a significant improvement in our Apply chair’s environmental credentials. The Apply chair now can boast 65% recycled content, 51% from postconsumer plastic sources, and 98% recyclable. One step closer to completing the material and product life cycle loop.

Post-consumer recycled plastic has been made into a product, used, thrown away, collected, cleaned, reprocessed, and remade into something new. Products made from post-consumer plastic close the loop, diverting plastic products from landfill and instead allowing them to be recycled – in its truest sense, into something else.

Apply a Better Task Chair

Apply has been designed for longevity and durability providing maximum support for the user whilst not compromising its environmental impact.

The Apply task chair is available with a tech knit mesh back, made from 20% post-consumer recycled polyester. Easy to reach adjustable levers with highly visible graphics, allowing users the ability to lock the synchronised mechanism in any one of five positions to achieve maximum comfort and concentration. Standard features include 70mm back height adjustment and a 65mm seat slide.

But Apply stands above its peers through its materiality. Without compromise to the surface finish, strength, and durability, Apply boasts 65% recycled content. 51% being post-consumer recycled contenting 99% recyclable. Apply had been certified by Declare and achieved the Gold Clean air standard from Intec.

Apply Next life

In addition to designing our products with the ease of component replacement at Boss Design we can also provide an endof-life product management process. 

We believe in products that are built to last. It makes sense for us and it makes sense for the planet. We design and build products that stay relevant and use responsible, quality materials that will withstand the test of time.

Through our ethical reuse and recycling partnership we have diverted over 1620 tonnes of equipment from landfill and have equipped over 750 schools in 18 countries with office equipment.

We design and manufacture with recyclability in mind. Our task seating can be easily disassembled for repair or recycling and our upholstery uses quality materials which at end of life can be easily separated.

We continually review and monitor our waste creation and look to improve efficiencies where ever possible. Manufacturing facilities in Dudley are zero landfill, any that can not be recycled to energy recovery where the waste is burnt and electricity is produced.

Design & product development We design for longevity. This is achieved by avoiding short-term trends and by using high-quality materials with a long life expectancy. Consisting of only as many different materials as necessary, the products are easy to dismantle, allowing repair and a high level of recyclability

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