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Six years after the first collaboration with Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, AXOR launches its new collection AXOR One. Unified by a holistic design language of slender silhouettes, flat surfaces, soft corners and balanced proportions, AXOR One brings the essence of sustainable simplicity to the bathroom, for use across design and hospitality sectors.

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Powered by state-of-the-art Select technology, the elegant brassware establishes a simple mode of interaction; press down on its all-in-one controller to start or stop the water, turn clockwise to increase the temperature. The action is effortless, intuitive, and ultra-precise. This is the same inventive design thinking that characterises the entire collection. Deliberately designed to reduce the amount of raw materials needed and subsequent wastage, its simplicity gives unparalleled functionality whilst using less. Timeless by design, AXOR One is available in Chrome, Matt Black and the trademark 15 exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces.

AXOR One overhead and hand-held showers feature monolithic forms and all come with PowderRain spray technology, reflected in the distinctive graphic language of the showerhead’s spray disc. It is this innovative PowderRain and AirPower spray technologies that elevates the eco-credentials of AXOR One.  

Inspired by the warm, misty droplets of the rainforest, PowderRain introduces an entirely new way to indulge in water. Thanks to six fine openings in every jet outlet, water is transformed into a cocoon of spray that is all-enveloping. Coupled with AirPower technology, water is enriched with air resulting in lighter and softer droplets. Producing a velvety soft water stream, the aerated water significantly reduces overall water consumption without compromising on performance.

AXOR One also boasts CoolStart technology, an environmentally friendly resource fitted on all its basin mixers. On standard taps, the continuous flow heater or circulation pump starts up immediately when the handle is in the middle position, yet this is needless if the user only requires cold water. With CoolStart, only cold water flows initially meaning pipes are not filled unnecessarily with hot water, saving energy and reducing water-heating costs. From an ecological standpoint, thanks to these eco-technologies, by using AXOR One across entire hotels or larger commercial properties, the savings could be enormous from a financial and water consumption perspective.

Thanks to its unique design and in-built innovative technologies, the AXOR One collection helps save water and energy, resulting in beautifully designed bathroom products that are good for the planet.

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