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Camira Fabrics introduces Deca, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the sanitation demands placed upon the surfaces featured in hospitality interiors are more stringent than ever before. With dozens of customers sitting, touching, (and potentially sneezing or coughing) on seats, tables and other touchpoints, the ability to keep them clean and germ free is of the utmost priority.

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Yet, whilst disinfection and cleanability is a key concern, the aesthetics of these spaces remain integral to their appeal – guests visit bars, restaurants and hotels, to relax, socialise and enjoy their time away from the worries of the everyday. They are places of luxury and welcome, and must continue to look and feel so. It is therefore key to blend sanitation with style, to combine need with desire, to create an interior which is both safe and visually appealing.

Recently introduced to the Camira collection, Deca epitomises the new requirement for design and performance. Engineered from polyurethane (PU), this super soft vegan friendly alternative to leather is bleach cleanable, ensuring that it can be effectively disinfected whenever needed, and is able to withstand the intense heat and moisture demands of ten-week hydrolysis, equivalent to 10 years’ real-life exposure to these harsh elements.

High performance, defined
To withstand exposure to both heat and humidity over a prolonged period, any fabric must show its mettle. With Deca, this is evidenced by the so-called Tropical Test, where the PU fabric is put into a heat and humidity chamber 70C and 95% relative humidity. Assessed at one-week intervals until the product cracks or shows extreme visible changes, this test is one of the most intensive trials a fabric can undergo.
Achieving ten-week hydrolysis, Deca is truly a high-performance product.

Bleach cleanable disinfection for added peace of mind
Deca not only offers incredible protection in the harshest of environments, it is also bleach cleanable for quick wipe down cleaning and disinfection. It is suitable for higher level disinfection protocols at 1:4 concentration, making it perfect for the heightened hygiene requirements of this new world.

Free from harmful substances and no animal products
Ensuring technical performance doesn’t come at the cost of consumer health, Deca is free from the harmful substances commonly found in vinyl and polyurethane. So, you can be sure this ultra-durable product does not contain PVCs, phthalates or the solvent DMF (Dimethylformamide). Deca is certified to Oeko-Tex standard 100, demonstrating that it is harmless to health. It is also a vegan friendly alternative to genuine leather from animal hides.

Luxurious to the touch
Buttery soft, Deca is luxurious to the touch. Providing the aesthetics of the highest quality leather, this delicate PU not only looks the part, it feels it too. With a pure cotton backing, Deca is supple, malleable and ideal for upholstery. Available in a select palette of 20 delicate and delicious shades, these refined colourways are the perfect complement for the most sophisticated of hospitality schemes.

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