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The Red Lion is one of the successful pubs owned by the Oakman Inns and situated in Water End in Hertfordshire. The Oakman Inns group started with one pub and simple philosophy to create the perfect environment to enjoy great food and drink with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, establishing the new concept of the ‘modern public house’. Having expanded to several pubs, they now transform historic and modern buildings into spaces that are strongly integrated in each of their local communities with their own sense of identity. The Red Lion is no exception to this rule.

The Red Lion’s building in rural Hertfordshire dates back to 1730. With a history as an old coaching inn housing a brewery and three acres of land, it now features a lounge and bar area, a dining space with a visible kitchen, and a spacious car park. The care and attention that Oakman Inns give to their food and service is reflected in the conversions of the buildings and the decoration of their interiors. The design scheme of The Red Lion has managed to retain original features and traditional, rustic pub charm whilst inducing a more contemporary restaurant feel.

Cosy and characterful, a wood-burning stove lends warmth and the deep red and green leather of the stools and chairs enhances that warm and welcoming atmosphere. Metal, wood, stone, and leather are the main materials at play here, all of which suggest rustic charm and practical style. Slate and stone tiles and wooden panels give the Inn a modern update and that is matched in the wooden tables and the walnut finish of the beech-wood framed Cookie armchairs. Walnut always creates that depth that paler woods may not offer and the leather harnesses that traditional British pub textile. The updated but sympathetic interior design allows for a perfect relaxation space for guests to enjoy after a walk in the bountiful rural landscape surrounding the Inn.

If guests are not ready to step inside then they need not fear; it is not only indoors but also outdoor space that has been decked out to offer guests a place to relax and enjoy the scenery. Inside Out have supplied Barca sofas, side chairs and tub chairs in a sophisticated black resin weave that is extremely durable and can withstand exterior contract use. However, if the weather is particularly windy and rainy and the furniture isn’t getting used, these chairs, and unusually even the sofa, have the added bonus feature of being stackable, so they can be easily stored away. This makes them an extremely practical choice for a busy hospitality setting that may not want to use its outdoor seating all year round.

The Red Lion boasts everything that you might want from a typical pub, plus the added sophistication of a well-functioning dining area. Its interiors are not fussy and help to achieve exactly what the Oakman Inns set out to do when they opened their first set of doors in 2007; provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to put a smile on people’s faces and win a place in their hearts.

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