Bar and Restaurant: Lyttleton Arms

BCFA Member, Versital, shares a recent bar and restaurant project. An exciting new venue in the charming town of Hagley near Birmingham is everything you would expect of a bar design from JMDA. The designers created a funky new style, perfect for the beautiful restaurant pub and bar.

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Relaxed and Contemporary Look
The Lyttelton Arms is a brand new concept venue. The dark colours used in the interior are contrasted against many sources of overlaying light and tropical themes to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

The designers opted for many pieces of bold art placed thoughtfully throughout the venue in an array of prints, neon features and 3D elements. Combined with the amazing seasonal menu and cocktails, the venue has become an instant hit.

Shortlisted for the International Design Excellence Awards!

The project has been recognised professionally and shortlisted for the highly sought after SBID Award. 

Bright and Bold Interiors
The interiors use a dark colour palette featuring many block colours such as navy blue, purple and moss green. As well as bold colours, bold prints for the wallpapers were chosen to really create an impact.

The venue is finished off with artistic, one of a kind elements including chandeliers, bar tops and pieces of modern art. The made to measure, custom bar top adds character and livens up to the space. The finish dubbed ‘Busy Carrata’ was custom engineered specifically for this project working in conjunction with the design team and JMDA. 

Brand New Custom Finishes
Versital works closely with designers like JMDA, to create custom finished and unique pieces for their bar designs. The collaboration created the innovative finish ‘Busy Carrata’, which is used on table tops and show stopping bar top.  Rich brown marbled finishes were also chosen for the table tops.

“We are delighted to be able to continue to push the boundaries of design and colour working with exciting designers like JMDA.  It is always a pleasure to work on exiting innovative venues that make the best of what our surfaces can offer.  We are always happy to look at custom colours and designs for roll outs and JMDA continue to make the most of our expertise for marble surfaces to help them create unique designs.” Gemma Stockberger, Versital

Fantastic Properties
Alongside the amazing looks of Versital surfaces are their superb properties. Every piece of Versital is coated with high gloss protective gel coat ensuring that the material will not stain or watermark what can be a real problem when using real stone. Versital surfaces are also easy to care for and are highly hygienic making them an amazing selection for bars and restaurants alike.  As well as bar tops and table tops, Versital tops are ideal used for washroom vanities.

Contact Versital through the BCFA Product Finder to find out more information on marble bar topstable tops by Versital, or the ‘Inspired by Pantone’ Collection.

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